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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Services does not handle all types of legal requests.

Information about Signing Delegations

Under the University of Queensland Act 1998, the Senate has delegated authority to sign agreements to various University staff members.  Please refer to the following policies:


Information about the use of the University's name in an agreement

The University is a body corporate established under The University of Queensland Act 1998.  The University should be named in agreements as follows:

THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND (ABN 63 942 912 684), a body corporate established under The University of Queensland Act 1998, of Brisbane, Queensland, 4072.

Please note that internal administrative units of the University such as offices, centres and faculties do not have independent legal existance.  The contracting party must always be The University of Queensland, although it may be stated to be "acting through" a particular administrative unit.


Information about External Venue Booking Terms and Conditions

Information relating to venue booking terms and conditions can be found here.


Information relating to Room Hire on UQ Campuses

Please visit the website of UQ Teaching Space Management.


Photo Release Forms

An image consent release form is available from the website of UQ's Office of Office of Marketing and Communications.