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Incoming Sponsorship Agreement

The University of Queensland standard Incoming Sponsorship Agreement

1.  Latest updates

1.1 (Revised template agreement) The template incoming sponsorship agreement now on Legal Services website is a revised template placed on the website on 26 June 2015. It replaces the previous template. That previous template should no longer be used by you.

1.2 ($50,000 cap removed) The $50,000 cap which was previously a condition of use of the template agreement has been removed from the Conditions of Use. It was removed from those conditions on 26 June 2015.

2.  Use of  the template Incoming Sponsorship Agreement

2.1 (Purpose of the template) This template agreement is for use where a person or organisation is to sponsor a UQ event or other UQ initiative.

2.2 (Conditions of use) Use of the template agreement is subject to the restrictions and requirements in the Conditions of Use in section 3 below.

2.3 (Completing the agreement) See section 4 below for a discussion on how to complete the template agreement.

3.    Conditions of use

The following conditions apply to use of the template Incoming Sponsorship Agreement:

3.1 (Current version) The version used must be the version currently on Legal Services website at the time of use.

3.2 (Amendments) There are to be no amendments (i.e. variations, deletions or additions) to the template agreement (save for completion of the blanks on the cover page). (If there are to be any amendments, you need to have the proposed agreement reviewed by Legal Services and the finalised agreement must be approved / signed by the Chief Operating Officer).

3.3 (Approvals) You have obtained all relevant university approvals to enter into the proposed agreement.

3.4 (Policies and procedures) You have complied with any relevant university policies and procedures.

3.5 (No conflicts) No conflicts of interest are involved.

3.6 (Cover page) The cover page of the template agreement has been completed.

3.7 (Delegations) The person signing the agreement on behalf of UQ must have authority to do so under UQ’s Contract Delegations (PPL 1.10.03) and UQ’s Financial Delegations (PPL 1.10.02).

3.8 (Reference to Legal Office and Chief Operating Officer) The agreement must be reviewed by UQ Legal Services Office and approved / signed by UQ’s Chief Operating Officer if – (a) it falls outside these Conditions of Use; or (b) the value of the agreement is beyond the financial delegation limit for your School, Faculty or Institute.

4.    Completing the template agreement

4.1 (Introduction) The template agreement is completed by completion of the cover page (see below). You will be unable to save this document to your local computer so you should ensure that you have all the necessary information before embarking on completion of the template agreement.

4.2 (The cover page) The cover page is completed by completion of the highlighted text boxes on that page. The information to be inserted there is:

· the name, ABN and address of the sponsor;

· the Expiration Date of the agreement;

· identification of the Sponsored Initiative (i.e. the UQ event or other UQ initiative that is being sponsored);

· the Sponsorship Fee (i.e. any monetary benefit that is to be provided by the Sponsor);

· the In-Kind Support (if any) (i.e. any non-monetary benefit that is to be provided by the Sponsor); and

· the Sponsor’s Benefits (i.e. the benefits that are to be provided to the Sponsor in return for the Sponsorship Fee and In-Kind Support to be provided by the Sponsor).

4.3 (Checking Sponsor’s name)  You should ensure that the full and correct name of the Sponsor plus the Sponsor’s ABN are provided to you by the Sponsor.  Don’t simply presume that the name / ABN provided to you are correct (at times they are not). Rather, you should compare the name and ABN that are provided to you via an ABN search to ensure that they match. To do that, carry out an ABN search via the ABN Lookup service which can be accessed via Google.

4.4 (Signing and dating) The cover page of the completed agreement contains a signing block for each party at the bottom of the cover page. The agreement needs to be signed and dated by each of the parties to it. That should occur before the sponsorship commences.

4.5 (Completed copies) You should ensure that both UQ and the Sponsor end up with an original or complete copy (i.e. not simply the cover page) of the completed agreement signed by both UQ and the Sponsor. You should keep a copy of the completed agreement for your records and provide the original (or a copy if you don’t have the original) to Central Registry, Levels 3 and 4, Seddon Building, St Lucia Campus.