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Performers Agreement

The University of Queensland standard Performers Agreement

Can I use this template Performers Agreement?

This agreement is for use when engaging external performers at a University venue or event.

You must enter into the Performers Agreement BEFORE the performance commences.

Please read the Conditions of Use below for information on when it is appropriate to use this agreement and how to prepare it. If the below Conditions of Use are followed and no changes are made to the standard terms and conditions, the delegate set out in clause 6.3 of PPL 1.10.03 (Contract Delegations) having regard to the relevant bands in PPL 1.10.02 (Financial Delegations) is authorised to sign the agreement on behalf of the University.

Conditions of Use

  • No amendments have been made to the Performers Agreement;
  • The cover page of the Performers Agreement has been completed, including the details of the Agent, Artist, Performance, Date and Time of Performance, Venue and Fee;
  • You have used the latest version of the Performers Agreement downloaded from Legal Services website each time;
  • You have obtained all relevant University approvals to enter into the Performers Agreement;
  • No conflicts of interest are involved;
  • You have complied with UQ’s policies and procedures;
  • You have complied with UQ’s Purchasing Policy. If you have any queries in relation to compliance with this policy please contact the Procurement and Payables Manager, Finance and Business Services;
  • Depending on the potential risks involved, you may be required to have performed a risk assessment in relation to the performance. If you have any queries in relation to a risk assessment please contact the Enterprise Risk Unit. If the performance involves a high risk you must contact Legal Services.

When to contact the Legal Office

Please contact Legal Services in the following circumstances:

  • If any of the Conditions of Use set out above cannot be met;
  • If you require any amendment to the Performers Agreement;
  • If the performance fee (exclusive of GST) is over the delegation limit of the School/Faculty/Institute level delegate having regard to clause 6.3 of PPL 1.10.03 (Contract Delegations) and the relevant bands in PPL 1.10.02 (Financial Delegations), the agreement needs to be signed by the Chief Operating Officer following review by Legal Services; or
  • If you have any queries in relation to the putting together the Performers Agreement.

Steps when using the Performers Agreement

There are a number of options for you to consider when you are putting together your Performers Agreement. Please follow this process:

  1. Complete the cover page of the Performers Agreement.

    The details you need to complete are in highlighted text boxes. Please note, you will be unable to save this document to your local computer, so please ensure you have all the necessary information before completing the required details in the agreement.

    It is important to correctly identify the other party involved. You need to obtain a full company name (if there is one) and an ABN (Australian Business Number). To ensure the correct details have been provided to you by the other party please confirm the ABN by using the ABN Lookup service.

    Include as much detail as possible in relation to the Artist and the Performance.   For example the length of the performance, an arrival time for the artist, any requirements in relation to set up and sound check.

    The section for UQ’s and the Agent’s services and responsibilities allows you to detail any technical requirements, promotion and marketing details.

    Insert the name of the appropriate signatory and his/her title. Please check the Delegations Schedule to ensure the signatory has delegated authority to sign.

  2. Please have two copies of the Performers Agreement signed so that both parties can keep an original signed copy.
  3. Please ensure that the last party to sign the Performers Agreement handwrites the date of signing as the Date of Agreement on the cover page.
  4. You need to ensure you receive a signed original copy back from the other party. Keep chasing them until this is received.
  5. Upon receipt of a Performers Agreement signed by both parties, keep a photocopy for your records and send the original signed copy to UQ’s Records and Archives Management Services.