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Standard Agreements

The University of Queensland Standard Agreements

The Chief Operating Officer and Legal Services have approved a range of Standard Agreements for use by University of Queensland institutes, faculties, schools and centres.

The purpose of the Standard Agreements is to manage the University’s risks in relation to contracts that it regularly enters into. The benefits of using the Standard Agreements are:

  • they establish standardised terms on which the University will contract;
  • they facilitate the prompt entering into of contractual relationships; and
  • they may be signed by an appropriate delegate.

How to use the Standard Agreements

Each time you wish to use a Standard Agreement it must be downloaded from the Legal Services website to ensure you are using the current version. The Standard Agreement will be updated regularly by Legal Services.

Each Standard Agreement comes with a user guide. Please follow this guide each time. It sets out details such as the circumstances in which the Standard Agreement may be used and the conditions of use. It will also guide you through how to complete the Standard Agreement.

Who can sign the Standard Agreements

The following policies set out the delegated authorities within the University of Queensland. Please check these policies before signing the Standard Agreement.

Standard Agreements

Click on the relevant link below to view the agreement, general conditions and user guide.