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ITS Outgoing Services Agreement

The ITS Outgoing Services Agreement Guidelines

Can I use this template ITS Outgoing Services Agreement?

You must enter into the ITS Outgoing Services Agreement BEFORE the supply of ICT Services commences.

Please read the conditions of use below for information on when it is appropriate to use these agreements and how to prepare them. If the conditions of use are followed and no changes are made to the terms and conditions, the delegates set out in the Delegations Table are authorised to sign the agreement on behalf of the University.

Conditions of Use

  • The value of the agreement is within the delegate's Financial Delegation;
  • No amendments have been made to Master Agreement terms except as allowed under those terms;
  • You have confirmed the full legal name and ABN of the Customer;
  • Schedule 1 and the appropriate Service Schedules have been completed by entering all required details, including term, service description, and price;
  • You have used the latest version of the Master Agreement and Service Schedules downloaded from the Legal Office website, or obtain from the Legal Officer assigned to ITS, each time;
  • You have obtained all relevant University approvals to enter into this agreement;
  • No conflicts of interest are involved;
  • You have complied with all relevant UQ policies and procedures.

When to contact the ITS Legal Office

If you require an amendment to the Master Agreement please contact the Legal Officer assigned to ITS.

Steps when using the ITS Outgoing Services Agreement

Please follow this process:

  1. Prepare and submit a business case setting out the background to the supply of ICT services to the Customer.
  2. Download and complete the template Master Agreement.
  3. Download and complete additional Service Schedules for each separate service being supplied to the Customer. Multiple Service Schedules can be combined into a single document with a single execution block.