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Queensland GITC v.5.02

The Queensland Government Information Technology Framework version 5.02 Customer Contract Guidelines

Can I use this template GITC Customer Contract?

This Government Information Technology Contracting Framework (“GITC”) template agreement and the following guidelines are for use in purchases of information and communication technology (“ICT”) goods and services.

You must enter into the GITC Customer Contract BEFORE the supply of ICT Goods and Services commences.

Please read the conditions of use below for information on when it is appropriate to use these agreements and how to prepare them. If the conditions of use are followed and no changes are made to the terms and conditions, the delegates set out in the Contract Delegations Policy are authorised to sign the agreement on behalf of the University.

Conditions of Use

  • The Contract Price is within the delegate's Financial Delegation;
  • No amendments have been made to the GITC version 5.02 Part 2 Conditions of Contract except as allowed under those terms or as approved following legal review;
  • You have confirmed that the supplier is a GITC Accredited Supplier;
  • You have confirmed that the supplier is accredited under the appropriate Modules relevant to the ICT goods or services to be supplied;  
  • The General Order has been completed including the Contract Price, payment details and details of the Contractor;
  • The appropriate Module Orders have been completed clearly describing the ICT goods and/or services to be supplied and the deliverables;
  • The appropriate Schedules have been completed;
  • You have used the latest version of the General Order, Module Orders  and Schedules downloaded from the Legal Office website each time;
  • You have obtained all relevant University approvals to enter into this GITC Customer Contract;
  • No conflicts of interest are involved;
  • You have complied with all relevant UQ policies and procedures;
  • You have complied with UQ’s Purchasing Policy. If you have any queries in relation to compliance with this policy please contact the Procurement and Payables Manager, Finance and Business Services;
  • Depending on the potential risks involved, you may be required to have performed a risk assessment in relation to the procurement of ICT goods and services. If you have any queries in relation to a risk assessment please contact Assurance and Risk Management Services. If the ICT procurement involves a high risk you must contact the Legal Office.

When to contact the Legal Office

All GITC Customer Contracts must undergo legal review. In the first instance please log a Request for Legal Services with the ITS legal team.

Steps when using the GITC Customer Contract

Please follow this process:

  • Prepare a business case setting out the background to the procurement of the ICT products or services. For non-ITS purchases please adapt the business template as required.
  • Download the template General Order and complete all required fields as far as possible.

The details you need to complete are on the right hand column of the General Order and the Module Orders. In general, guidance text should be removed and replaced with appropriate details for each item. You cannot change any other part of the General Order. For guidance on what is required under each item of the General Order please refer to the GITC User Guide.

It is important to correctly identify the other party involved. You need to obtain a full company name (if there is one) and an ABN (Australian Business Number). To ensure the correct details have been provided to you by the other party; please confirm the ABN by using the ABN Lookup service. You will also need to obtain the other party’s GITC accreditation number (Q-number); you can search for the other party using the GITC supplier search tool. The results of this search will also show the Modules which the supplier is accredited for.

Insert the name of the appropriate signatory on the execution page and his/her title. Please check the Contract Delegations Policy to ensure the signatory has delegated authority to sign.

  • Make a Request for Legal Services with the ITS legal team attaching the draft General Order and related documents.
  • Contact the legal officer assigned to the matter for assistance in selecting the appropriate Module Orders and Schedules to be appended to the General Order.
  • Complete the details in the relevant Modules and Schedules.
  • Forward the completed Customer Contract to the legal officer for review.
  • The GITC Customer Contract, consisting of the General Order with attached Module Orders and Schedules, needs to be printed and signed by the appropriate signatory. Please have two copies of the GITC Customer Contract agreement signed, so that both parties can keep an original copy.
  • You need to ensure you receive a signed original copy back from the other party. Keep chasing them until this is received.
  • Upon receipt of a GITC Customer Contract signed by both parties, keep a photocopy for your records and send the original signed copy to the legal officer who reviewed the agreement.