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Standard Independent Curator Agreement - UQ Anthropology Museum


Conditions of Use

  • This document covers the engagement of an independent curator to assist the UQ Anthropology Museum in creating its exhibitions.
  • These documents must be populated by or in consultation with UQ Anthropology Museum staff. 
  • No amendments may be made to the standard terms.  If amendments are made the standard terms, the agreement is no longer considered ‘standard’ and must be reviewed by Legal Services, and signed by the Chief Operating Officer or the Vice Chancellor.
  • You must use the latest version of the agreement  downloaded from the Legal Services website each time;
  • You must obtain any relevant University approvals to enter into this contract;
  • You must comply with UQ’s policies and procedures, including any relating to the conduct of a risk assessment, and UQ’s procurement procedures;
  • If there are any insurance issues or enquiries, please contact FBS Insurance at insurance@uq.edu.au for advice and/or resolution of same.

Authorised Signatory

In terms of who is authorised to issue contracts using this standard, please confirm the financial delegation of the person signing – see clause 6.3 of PPL 1.10.03 (Contract Delegations) and the relevant bands in PPL 1.10.02 (Financial Delegations).

As stated above, if amendments are made to the standard terms, or if any variations to the standard terms are agreed, the contract will need to be signed by the Chief Operating Officer or the Vice Chancellor in order to comply with the current delegations.

Independent Curator Agreement

The Agreement may be accessed here.

Steps when using the Independent Curator Agreement

UQ Anthropology Museum staff should enter into the contract BEFORE an exhibition takes place.

The following steps are should be followed to complete the Agreement:

  1. Complete the editable sections noting the Curator’s name, address and other details as per the prompts.  If the curator is a company, please include the company’s ABN (Australian Business Number). Please be sure to correctly identify the other party involved. You will need to obtain a full company name (if there is one) and an ABN. To ensure the correct details have been provided to you by the other party, please use the ABN Lookup service.
  2. Send the completed contract to the Curator for their agreement.  Once it is finalised, ask the Curator to sign two copies and return them to you.
  3. Arrange for an authorised UQ delegate to counter-sign both copies, and return one original to the Curator for their records. Please retain a copy of the fully executed agreement for your records and send the original to UQ’s Records and Archives Management Services.

When to contact Legal Services

If the Curator wishes to amend the standard terms or if you have any legal questions regarding the Independent Curator Agreement, please contact the Legal Services Office.