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UQ Health & Rehabilitation Clinics Services Agreement

Conditions of use – UQHRC Services Agreement

The standard UQHRC agreement (Version 4: March 2017) may be issued without review by UQ’s Legal Services and without the agreement being signed by UQ’s Chief Operating Officer in the following limited circumstances only:

  • The agreement is authorised for use only by the UQ Health & Rehabilitation Clinics.
  • The fee payable under the agreement is equal to or less than the financial delegation of the person signing – see clause 6.3 of PPL 1.10.03 (Contract Delegations) and the relevant bands in PPL 1.10.02 (Financial Delegations). (An agreement must not be split into multiple separate agreements for the purpose of bringing it under that amount).
  • The blanks in the agreement and in Schedule 1 to the agreement are completed prior to the signing and mailing of the agreement.
  • No amendments or additions are made to the agreement (save for completion of the blanks and Schedule 1).
  • No third party (excluding UQ students) is involved in provision of the services.
  • You have obtained any necessary UQ approvals for entry into the agreement.
  • You have complied with any relevant UQ policies and procedures (including, where relevant, the Outside Work and Business Interests for University Staff Policy 1.50.02. UQ’s Policies and procedures are available on UQ’s website in its Policies and Procedures (PPL) Library).
  • The proposed agreement is not a high risk service arrangement. (High risk agreements must be reviewed by the Legal Office. High risk service agreements include, for example, business critical service arrangements and agreements with a substantial downside for UQ if they are not performed with skill and care).
  • You have carried out a risk assessment where there is a risk associated with the proposed agreement which requires such an assessment. (If you have any queries regarding when such an assessment is required, contact UQ’s Enterprise Risk Unit).
  • The agreement is signed by a person with delegated authority to do so.  In that regard, see the Delegations Table.
  • Where there are any insurance issues or enquiries, you have contacted FBS at insurance@uq.edu.au for advice and/or resolution of same.
  • Local signatories may sign variations to Schedule 1 only.  Any other variations are to proceed to the Legal Office for consideration as a non-standard agreement.
  • Please retain a copy of the fully executed agreement for your records and send the original to UQ’s Records and Archives Management Services.