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UQSchoolsNet Agreement

The UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement and Schedules

Can I use this template UQSchoolsNet?

This UQSchoolsNet template agreement and the following guidelines are for use ONLY in the supply of Internet and related services to schools and associated entities by Information Technology Services ("ITS"). You must enter into the UQSchoolsNet Agreement BEFORE the supply of Internet Services commences.

Please read the conditions of use below for information on when it is appropriate to use this agreement and how to prepare it. If the conditions of use are followed and no changes are made to the terms UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement other than as allowed under those terms or the conditions of use, the delegate set out in the Delegations Table is authorised to sign the agreement on behalf of the University.

Conditions of Use

  • No amendments have been made to the UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement except as allowed under those terms;
  • The full legal name and ABN of the Customer is entered on the Master Agreement, the Customer Information Schedule has been completed and the relevant Service Schedules have been completed including service, term and price details;
  • You have used the latest version of the UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement and Schedules downloaded from the Legal Services website, or obtain from Legal Services Officer assigned to ITS, each time;
  • You have obtained all relevant University approvals to enter into this UQSchoolsNet Agreement;
  • To your knowledge there are no conflicts of interest associated with the decision to enter this agreement; and
  • You have complied with applicable UQ’s policies and procedures.

When to contact the ITS Legal Office

If you require an amendment to the UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement or assistance in drafting special conditions in a Schedule, please contact Legal Services Officer assigned to ITS.

Steps when using the UQSchoolsNet Agreement

Please follow this process:

  1. Download the template UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement, and School Information Schedule, complete all required fields. It is important to correctly identify the other party involved. You need to obtain a full company name (if there is one) and an ACN (Australian Company Number) or ABN (Australian Business Number). Please confirm the ABN / ACN by using the ABN Lookup Service.
  2. Download the template Internet Service Schedule and Other Services Schedule (if required) and complete all required fields.
  3. The UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement and each Schedule ("Agreement Documents") together constitute the full agreement with the other party. In certain circumstances, such as the renewal of an existing service or the addition of a new service, only the relevant schedules will require completion and execution as the UQSchoolsNet Master Agreement will continue to be in effect.
  4. Forward the completed Agreement Documents to the other party for execution.
  5. Please have two copies of each Agreement Document signed, so that both parties can keep an original copy. Where the other party does not require an original copy a single hardcopy is sufficient.
  6. Provide the Agreement Documents signed by the other party to the delegate for counter-signing by the University.
  7. Upon receipt of the Agreement Documents signed by both parties, keep a scan for your records and return one executed original to the other party, or where they do not require a hardcopy, provide them with a scanned copy.
  8. Retain the original fully executed copy of the Agreement Documents in a secure location.